Hola girls =)
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take a look with this picture~
the pearl necklace wore by a china artist

-bing bing fan

It amazed me when I first see this cute pearly necklace.
I search & seek for it in Malaysia.
and at last I've found only bracelet at a mall in K.L cheras,
is a bracelet with RM22++ if I'm not mistaken =)
almost bought it, but luckily, I found it at stores with lower price ~

now I'm selling in Missy Closet with RM 14 per bracelet [ Postage is NOW included ya ]!!
(photos originally taken by me, my apology if its look not professional :D )
pretty sure that this Pearl Heat is gonna get hitto in Malaysia soon.

Coz it's sooooo pretty & unirresistible ~ *^o^*

These bracelets are imported from JAPAN!
Shiny faux pearls + wooden cute animals with Swarovski crystals~

For clearer vision . Click ME

Pearl Pink - RM14

- Pearl Yellow : RM14
- Availability : 3

- Pearl Purple : RM 14

(the defect bracelet has been replaced a brand new one by supplier =) )
- Pearl White : RM 14

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